7 Places To Get Targeted Traffic

targetted_trafficEveryone needs traffic.

But all traffic is not equal… the distinction we need to make here is that we need targetd traffic. People who are likely to be interested in our content, people who are likely to take our most wanted action.

So where do we get this holy grail of traffic?

It’s easy, we simply go to where our perfect customer hangs out. You know who I mean right? You’ve read my report about that one person who is most representative of our perfect customer. Well, wherever he or she hangs out, there are bound to be other people with similar interests, problems and needs.

Let’s start with a few suggestions on where you might want to start looking…

  1. Facebook: Nearly everyone and his dog is on Facebook these days. There are pages covering every topic known to mankind and there are thousands of groups, often several on the same topic. Get searching! Find those pages and engage with the content. Do Not Spam! Find those groups, join and engage with the other members.
  2. Amazon: You can buy almost anything on Amazon these days. Use the search function to find products that your perfect customer would buy. Could you produce something better? It may take you a while and cost you either time or cash. But, invest in creating a book on your topic, submit it to the Kindle platform, have a physical version created too and use them to generate leads to your site.
  3. Niche Forums: Forums are where the enthusiasts hang out. They share information, share problems and generally socialise with other enthusiasts. Join in, contribute and establish yourself as an authority who is there to help rather than there to sell. People will respect you and pay attention… they’ll also be much more inclined to visit your site.
  4. Newsletters: Sign up to all the specialised newsletters in your niche. get to know the publisher/editor and look out for opportunities to contribute and article, some other content or even to pay for an advert.
  5. Authority Blogs: Look for the most influential bloggers within your target community, subscribe to their newsfeeds or to their email list and be sure to add a thoughtful and constructive comment. get to know these bloggers and build a relationship with them. Look for opportunities for guest posting, backlinks and banners.
  6. Twitter: Establish an account on Twitter and look out for people who match your perfect customer’s profile. Follow those people, hopefully they’ll follow you back. Look out for people who tweet with authority about your topic and engage with them. Twitter is a long game. You need to tweet interesting and entertaining tweets with the occasional promotion mixed in.
  7. YouTube: Use your blog posts as the basis for informative and entertaining videos. Post at least one new video to YouTube each week. Be sure to put a link to your site in your description and take advantage of YouTube’s call outs feature to include a call to action

.There are lots more places from which you can drive targeted traffic. The key is to do your customer research… identify those places where your perfect customer hangs out. If you can grab his attention, his friends will notice you too.

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