Fast Cash In A Day

This was an answer to a question from someone who was looking for a way to generate a quick win. Something that would help to boost his confidence by generating some fast cash.

A quick cash idea that may help – if you can find a suitable product… Can ALL be completed with a full working day.

IMPORTANT: For this “system” to work effectively you must already have a presence in your chosen niche, you should be familiar with your topic and you should already have signed up to the most popular forums in your niche. Do NOT skip that initial foundation!

So, here’s exactly what you need to do…

1. Go to and browse the marketplace for just one product you would be willing to promote. 30 mins

2. Sign up and get your affiliate link and then post a review of the product on your blog. 60 mins

3. Assuming you have established a worthwhile presence on the most popular niche blogs, put a link to your blog post in your sig on each forum. 30 mins

4. Spend 10 minutes on each forum answering relevant questions to get sig exposure, Don’t post to old threads… nothing less than 48 hours old. 60 mins

5. Repeat step 4 by going back to each forum and engaging where you can. 60 mins

Total time = approx 4 hours

Because RapBank pays 100% commissions instantly, there will be no waiting to get paid. (Clickbank is 56 days minimum)


6. Set up a buzzfeed blog with a review of the RapBank product 45 mins

7. Set up a RebelMouse page 45 mins

8 Convert your review to Powerpoint and submit it to Slideshare 30 mins

9. Convert your Powerpoint to video and submit to Youtube & Vimeo 45 mins

10. Convert your Powerpoint to PDF and upload it to DocStoc etc. 45 mins

If you also complete the optional tasks = approx 3.5 hours

MOST IMPORTANTLY… don’t expect instant results… keep engaging with the forums to build a presence, establish your credibility and to be seen as a contributing member of their communities.

Finally, come back here and report your results!

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