Get Paid To Research Your Market.

If you’re not sure about a specific niche market, here’s a wee trick that I use to get paid while I test…

Do your initial research, identify a group of people with money to spend in the niche.
Identify your primary keyword phrase and register a domain
Set up a WordPress blog, immediately add five good quality articles and wait for a week.
By the end of your first week, your site should have been indexed.
You should now add at least one new high quality article each week and integrate Google Adsense adverts into the site.
Now, monitor your Adsense account and your AWstats data and look for patterns and trends. You should be able to get a much more accurate picture of the profit potential of your niche. AND… Google will pay you while you’re collecting the data!

When your site appears on the first page of the SERPs, it’s time to review the potential of switching from Adsense to lead generation or affiliate marketing. Optimise the traffic with the income that will get you the best return.


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