Keyword Research – The Wrong Way!

A lot of people getting into Internet Marketing miss one crucial step. They decide on their market, they drill down into a niche and they jump right into keyword research without considering one very important detail…

Your customers are real people!

Looking at keywords in isolation is dumb. Before you even start keyword research you have to know who you are hoping to sell to. People will use different keywords during each stage of the purchasing process.

Most folks will go through at least three stages before they get anywhere near a buy now button…

1. Become aware of a problem and seek out information on both the problem and potential solutions

2. Consider their options – which solution most closely matches their specific problem?

3. Compare value – review features, benefits and prices to determine the best value for their budget

Only when they have completed that process they are ready to buy.

So don’t make the mistake of jumping into your keyword research without considering  which group of people you wish to target.

If you are looking to target people at the problem stage, you’ll need to use keywords that match that stage in the process. For example: “Boiler won’t fire up” or “Heating won’t come on“.

Once they have researched the problem they will seek out help. For example: “Heating Engineer Edinburgh” or “Boiler Maintenance Edinburgh“.

Finally, they will look for the best value or the fastest solution… For example: “Cheap boiler repair Edinburgh” or “Emergency  Heating Engineer Edinburgh“.

If you are offering your services as a heating engineer, you’ll need to use the correct keywords for each stage of the process.

To attract people at stage one – you’ll need to offer accurate, up-to-date and informative information about domestic heating. For those potential customers at stage two, you should offer them a comparison between your different levels of service and those of your immediate competitors… make it easy for them to choose you. And finally, for those people ready to buy you’ll need to match their specific need for quality, speed and budget.

Take the time to do it right and you’ll get significantly higher quality traffic and a much better return on your investment.

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