Niche The Niche

I find it really interesting while travelling around in my campervan that all things to do with motorhomes and recreational vehicles seem to pop out in front of me.

My travelling companion is my ever faithful and very bouncy cocker spaniel Duffy. While all the campsites are very strict rules about keeping dogs on leads, I’ve noticed that very few like-minded travellers are without a dog.

While browsing through one of the monthly motorhome magazines I noticed a growing number of organisations offering motorhome hire services. What surprised me about many of such hire companies was their strict no pets policy.

However, one very enterprising company specialises in offering dog friendly motorhome hire. They go so far as to offer special facilities such as secure dog crates and feeding utensils.

Now that’s what I call smart marketing.

It’s not just about attacking a niche market it’s about drilling down into that niche and finding a group of passionate people. In this case pet lovers who love to travel and don’t yet have their own motorhome.

Is it any surprise that this smart company is virtually fully booked for 2014 and, therefore, is looking to expand its fleet of motorhomes. As I said: Smart marketing!

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