questionsHere is just a small selection of comments and feedback received from John’s coaching clients…
Recently, I undertook a single coaching session with John. It was one of the most illuminating marketing experiences I’ve ever had. That is not hyperbole. In that one coaching session, I learned so many fresh new strategies that my head was spinning by the end!
He listened to my overall plan and then proceeded to make it so much better than I imagined it could be. I’m still amazed at the things he came up with!
Based on my experience with John, I’d say any successful applicant for his one-on-one coaching will enjoy serious benefits. It’ll be well worth the price of admission (heck, worth more than that, frankly).
BUT be ready to do some work. His advice and guidance isn’t get-rich-by-pushing-this-magic-button stuff. It’s real world implementation of sound strategy. So for those of you willing to get your hands dirty, this is definitely a valuable opportunity to jump on!

Before I inquired about John’s coaching I was tired of running around in circles trying to learn IM. I had wasted enough time and money. I was hoping that John could help me.
John is a clear thinker and a clear communicator. His coaching skills are excellent. He diagnoses thoroughly and gives you crystal clear input. You’ll know exactly what the next step is.
If you’re one of those people who just can’t quite figure out what the next step should be then let John’s one-on-one coaching be your next step. Stop running around in circles, work with John, and start moving forward.
It’s an overused word but this truly is a “no-brainer.”
Steve Tuggle

I personally have just finished taking John’s coaching program for the last 6 weeks or so, and I can tell you off the bat that the amount that I have learned from him is worth WAY more than his very affordable fee.
I am new to the whole internet marketing game, and in a short 6 weeks I have absorbed so much from John that I can’t wait to continue what I have started and even more money! What you are paying for is not for John to hold your hand and spoon feed you everything, what he is able to do is to provide you with guidance and develop a business plan catered to YOUR needs. Take it as a instruction DIY manual made just for you.
He is extremely dedicated to all his students and believe me when I say he is not only very well prepared for each session but clearly knows what he is talking about. His intentions are to truly help you and not trying to grab a few bucks from you. So please just do yourself a favour and see if you can get a spot with John if you are serious about internet marketing!

John’s coaching program was not what I expected.
What I invested was not a coaching fee at all. Instead, it was the Best Investment I Ever Made for my online business, bar none.
John invited me for a no-obligations chat via Skype to discuss the program with me to see if we’d be a good fit. What was supposed to be a quick assessment call turned out to be over 40 minutes of solid business advice and feedback, and I was completely sold. We set up a time to speak on Skype for our first official mentoring session.
Little did I know what I was getting myself into.
See, I don’t consider myself a newbie to Internet Marketing. I’ve at least a basic grasp of most aspects of IM, from keyword research to SEO. It was John who pointed out to me that what I really lacked was… market research. The first session was a real wake-up call for me: John pretty much gave it to me straight that I didn’t have a solid business model, and assigned me to do market research on a few niches both inside and outside of Internet Marketing.
I was trying to salvage my previous business model, and then my business coach comes along and wants me to start from scratch again? Bummer.
Of course, it turned out to be the first in a series of Very Good Advice. As I started doing my ‘assignments’ for John, I had to admit that as painful as the truth was, John was right: my business model was just not working!
A couple of days later, I showed John the results of my market research (which I did according to his suggestions), and it became clear immediately that I was destined for another niche. Now, John made it clear that he wasn’t too familiar with the niche that we were discussing, but he managed to apply a whole bunch of IM-related knowledge to it to help me analyse the business model, the potential returns and more.
Heck, it required use of expensive software for my business model to work, and this wasn’t a type of software that John worked frequently with. Yet again, John blew me away by pointing me to some recommendations (which after much evaluation, turned out to be my software of choice. Malcolm Gladwell must be proud of that ‘blink’ moment, John!), sharing with me his library of really, really great Internet Marketing materials and basically being a great sounding board.
What really struck me about John is how quickly we lost the whole mentor-apprentice divide between us. By the 2nd call, it was as if I was talking to a friend who genuinely wanted me to succeed online. Our Skype calls were limited not by time and instead ran for as long as I needed to get directions for my next steps. John always gave solid advice on what to do and what to measure.
So now, after approximately 4 weeks of Skype calls and a couple of emails (because John was clear with his instructions and advice, so I hardly needed to email back except to report my results), I’m now in the pre-launch stages of a whole new business that I’m truly excited about. The response of my market to my pending launch has been nothing short of enthusiastic, and I have to credit that entirely to John for directing me towards that stage.
And if you think it ends there, well, not quite!
See, John isn’t the kind of person to take off the training wheels and send you downhill the moment your business is ready to go. Being the nice guy that he is, we’ve made arrangements to continue our Skype chat sessions to discuss my business as I move from pre-launch to soft launch and the official launch. And after that? Well, John and I will still be working together to make sure that my business doesn’t just succeed, but it succeeds in a HUGE way. It’s just a long-winded way of saying, John won’t cut you off and abandon you – he’s rooting for you all the way.
John, in my 9 years of working in online businesses, this is without a doubt, the Best Investment I’ve ever made. I’m glad to have not only found a business that I can be excited about 24/7, but also that I’ve found someone who is there to extend a helping hand whenever I need.
Best Investment. Spent. Ever.

John Taylor is stark raving mad and is going all out to get his coaching clients to keep him company.
His attention to detail, his long view of your business, his home work, his laughing, uncanny ability to zero in like some heat-seeking missile on the exact, tremblingly-hoping-to-not-be-found weakness that you have tried forever to ignore… All this is what awaits you.
If you’ve reached your ‘do or die’ point, get with Taylor. Beg, borrow or … Scrape everything together, put off the purchasing of the ‘pieces’ and go full out for the whole hog, the long term business system. Fill his inbox with your responses to his questions and pepper him day and night for the full coaching period. He’ll love it! But don’t tell him I said so…. 😉
I’ve had ONE formal coaching session and I’m not a professional psychic but because of what has already transpired, my bet is that at the end of the six weeks I’ll have a fully developed and streamlined long term business system in place. Even if it’s just my ghost that survives the process and reaps the benefits! 😉
BTW, John doesn’t skimp with knowledge, support, time, energy nor heart. Reach out and grab hold of his outstretched hand. And don’t worry about the ’1 left’ or ‘4 left’. I’m guzum-ing him (Jamaican for casting a spell) so that he rotates this offer every two months or so. Just tell him you’re the first, second, whatever of his next cycling, and ask him nicely to fit you in when he has a half hour free next week. 😉
At a certain stage of business existence need Taylor’s exacting, precision-focused restructuring. Access yours now.

John has been extremely helpful, very knowledgeable, willing to share all his relevant knowledge, his insights have been spot on, and he has spent a lot of time and effort on my coaching.
So, if you are still not sure whether you should take him up on his offer, I’m gonna help you with your decision:
You will not be happy with John’s coaching, if
you are looking for a quick make-millions-overnight scheme
you expect somebody to hand you a system on a platter
you are not willing to put in effort of your own
You will be extremely happy with John’s coaching, if
you are stuck, and willing to put in effort and work to get going
you want to understand how things work, and to develop your business sense
you don’t have that much experience and need somebody to give you a reality check – and you are willing to accept advice
you want to build up a serious IM business which will support you for a long time
And besides all that, John is a very nice guy with a wonderful accent. Now if that doesn’t convince you…

It isn’t often that I’m speechless but I find myself unable to do justice in explaining how much of a blessing it has been that I found John’s coaching offer (as I wrote this I had a horrible what if moment…what if I didn’t find this offer..I might still be trolling the IM forums letting my list of ‘great ideas’ get longer and longer with nothing to show for).
Let me try and explain: John took me on as a coaching client back in November of 2009. I was trying to transition from a service based internet marketing business to a product based business. It’s now January of 2010 and I am on my second coaching session with John. I have completely moved away from consulting and have three AdWords info products created and an AdWords software on the way to be released at the end of February. My goal is to make $100k by October and because of John I’m more than on target to reach that goal.
Working with John has changed my life, for the much much better. John goes above and beyond his call of duty. He has helped me countless times, when he had no work obligation to do so.
Now don’t get me wrong – you need to be ready to work. John isn’t going to do the work for you but he will provide you with all the support and guidance you need. He will work with his coaching clients to brainstorm a business plan that works for them…everyone is different and this isn’t a cookie cutter coaching program (some people like creating products others might be more interested in affiliate marketing or something else).
To me, John has been the person I turn to when I need an opinion on issues small to large. He is like my security blanket…I feel way more confident working on my projects and releasing them as I know I can turn to John and get his honest opinion. He has years and years of Internet Marketing experience, and to me having the ability to get a second opinion and a bit of direction is priceless.
John is the real deal. He has been an active and contributing member of the warrior forum (and Internet Marketing outside of the forum) for years and he loves to help people. You can tell that he loves what he does, it comes across in all of our conversations. If you are someone who is ready to make a long term sustainable business (or even a part time second income stream) and are ready to work, then John is the guy for you.
Let me help you help yourself – Hiring John as a coach will be the best decision you will ever make for your online business. I can’t imagine working with anyone else.
John – Thank you for everything you have done so far and am looking forward to working with you for years to come!

John is the first Mentor I ever had, when things weren’t working the way I expected, I asked for John’s help.
He took me under his guidance and showed me how real businesses are built..
He is a caring person who understands your need and his knowledge is priceless.
I learned a lot, and have never looked back.
Do I still struggle?
Yes, Everyday!
Is it Fun?
The Best part is although my “mentoring” is over I still talk to John whenever I need his advice and he always helps me out!
Go for it, you won’t regret it!

First of all, I would like to really thank John for working with me. It has been a real blessing to find John’s coaching program.
In the past few weeks, I have been transitioning from working full time to running my own business online, and the timing could not been more perfect when I found John’s coaching program. What I am working on is probably different than most IM’er in this forums, and John has provided me true and valuable guidance on how to create a solid foundation for my business.
I can tell, that John really wishes whoever he is coaching to succeed and his commitment to help you truly shows in the way he interacts with you. But at the same time you really have to be ready to give your 100% when working with John. I agree with Brittany above on this that having John as a mentor is like having a “security blanket”. No matter what questions I have, John will come back to me and provide me his input. I will, without doubt be working with John for a long time to come!
Thank you very much John!

Would you like a free no-obligation chat with John to discuss if his coaching would be the right “fit” for you and your business please do contact us.

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