Uncovering Hot Niche Topics

When looking for a niche market upon which to base a successful long term business it just doesn’t make sense to go for fads, fashions or shirt term trends.

What you should be looking for are “evergreen” niche markets such as pet care, gardening and other topics where there is a year round interest.

So, where do you find ideas for evergreen markets?

That’s an excellent question!

My first choice would be to go to the sites where your perfect customer is already buying niche related products.

ClickBank Marketplace
Browse through all the categories, start with a broad topic and then drill down to look for ideas.

You’re just looking for ideas at this stage. The key is to find an evergreen niche market where there is potential for what I call a “Pinnacle Product”. For more information on my Pinnacle Product system, download Choosing A Market – Volume One



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