Why Snoop?

Snoop Marketing's SnoopyA lot of people have asked me why I chose the name “Snoop Marketing”.

Before I explain how I came by the name, let me give you a wee bit of background…

I’ve always been interested in what makes things work. As a kid I used to take my toys apart and then put them back together. I once dismantled my Dad’s gramophone to try and see what made it work!

I loved to play with train sets, Meccano,¬†Scalextric and other toys that involved multiple parts that I could fit together in a variety of ways. I’ve also been an avid reader, my teachers often likened me to a sponge… soaking up information.

My first job was about observing and analysing behaviour, then I went into engineering and production management. Always curious to discover how things worked and how to improve processes, systems and quality.

When I discovered Internet Marketing, I became almost obsessive about testing and tracking. I wanted to know what worked, why it worked and how I could make it even more effective. I guess I’ve been a “Snoop” al my life.

So, when I spotted SnoopMarketing.com in a list of expired domains… I just had to grab it. And, as you’ve read this far, I guess you’ve got a curious streak too?

Welcome fellow Snooper!

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